Hello! I'm Nathan Kiesman.

I'm an electrical engineer studying at Columbia University (Go Lions! 🦁). These are a few of the things I've been up to recently. If PDFs are more your style, you can find more info about me on my resume, available here. If you have any questions, or would just like to say "Hi!", send me an email at


I was invited to speak at !!Con 2021 about my work with the Teensy Microcontroller to interface a real drum with the rythem game Taiko no Tatsujin. !!Con (pronounced Bang Bang Con) is a computing conference held yearly in New York City with over 500 attendees in 2021!

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Nathan Kiesman Atlas

Spaces and Research Atlas

I took a class on cartography and GIS research in the spring of 2022. This is my final atlas, a compilation of all the designs I made for the class, incorperating historical, census, and self-gathered data.

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New Beginnings

This is my entry into the 2021 Small File Film Festival, an event where all entries must be under 5 MB! I decided to produce my entry on the Gameboy Advance, making it possibly the only music video exclusive to the platform, and winning me the "Best Cross-Platform Entry" award.

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XB∀ND was one of the first multiplayer gaming networks in existance. Despite most of the code that made it up being lost, I collaborated with the retrocomputing.network team to restore it. I utilized Raspberry Pis with custom hardware and a modified version of Jacktrip to simulate a low-latency phone line.

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Permit Log

I worked with Noble Mushtak and Brian Austin on Permit Log, an Android app that helps teen drivers track their driving. We won first place in the 2017 Maine App Challenge, and a $6000 scholarship. We now have over 2200 active users around the US. This is the video that we made to advertise it.

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Steamed Hams

One of the best memes online is the remixing of the Steamed Hams short from The Simpsons. My entry into this frey involved 10 computers, ffmpeg, mplayer, and about 200 feet of cables.

Teletype Restoration

Teletypes were the defacto way of interacting with computers before CRT screens became common. I restored this 1977 Teletype Model 43 and gave it Wi-Fi capabilities. That means it connect to the internet, view websites, log onto servers, play text adventures, and more, all in 70s style!

Class Act

I worked with Noble Mushtak on the third place entry to the 2018 Maine App Challange. Class Act is a suite of tools designed to help high schoolers with every day activities, including a snow day alarm, extracirricular calandar, and math tutorials.

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Cellular Rotary Phone

I combined an Arduino Pro Mini, Adafruit FONA cellular radio, and an Adafruit Audio Trigger to create the Cellular Rotary Phone. You can receive calls (with a bell as the ringer) and make calls using the rotary dial, all completely wirelessly! It's a cell phone, with a 50s twist!

MarshwoodWX Weather Station

I replaced the the interface for our schools weather station from the old and unreadable design, to one that's designed to be read at a distance and look good on a public display. I used the Google Materialize web framework, along with WeeWX to interface with the weather hardware.

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Fox Ran Music Video

This is a music video I created in the "Vaporwave" style. Vaporwave is known for its sampling of music and vocals from the 70s-90s, deliberately low quality audio and visuals, and an anticonsumerism message. This was filmed on a Google Pixel 2 and edited in Final Cut Pro, before being output and re-captured through analog video to get the look of video from the 80s.